Our philosophy

For generations, we have held fast to our belief in simplicity, quality and taste. Today, Aunt Jean's Dairy remains true to this approach, providing fresh milk from A2-tested cows, bottled on the farm and then delivered directly to your local supermarket in clear glass bottles.


Meet our farmers. We're proud to say each individual bottle of Aunt Jean's Dairy milk identifies its farm of origin. So wherever you are in New Zealand, you'll be able to enjoy fresh Aunt Jean's Dairy milk, traceable to an individual farm. Look for the tamper-proof seal showing details of the farm your milk came from. Our network of local farms produces the highest quality fresh milk in your region - delivered fresh each day.

Fresh from the farmer

Meet our cows. We want to share our passion for the delicious milk our dairy cows provide. We're so committed to this connection with our customers that you can actually meet the cows that provide your milk. Simply contact the farm where your milk comes from to arrange a visit.


Glass is a better choice. Milk in glass bottles is fresher and healthier. It also tastes and looks better. Glass preserves flavour, so all you taste is the pure flavour of our premium quality milk. Glass is healthier too, because it's pure and non-reactive, forming a natural barrier to protect the quality of the milk. Glass is made from 100% natural substances, so it's sustainable and infinitely recyclable.

A lot of people ask us which are the best ways to recycle AJ’s glass bottles. All Aunt Jean bottles are able to be recycled in your kerbside recycling box. Or, if you prefer, check out our return locations on the FAQ page.